OUR TURNING POINT: A Single-Episode Story Treatment and Spec Script

The twenty-first-century’s defining moment has been outlawed across the globe. Through technology that permanently ruptures humanity’s perceptions of the physical world, the very fabric of time and our appreciation of its linearity has been undone.

Office-based tech cartels have developed an illicit business in which the paying public use illegal apps to relive any period of their past – with the express purpose being to rewrite the stories they tell themselves and vanquish the events which have stained their personalities.

Keep reliving memories of the thugs you wish you’d beaten to oblivion? Use the app to imagine the precise moment and deal with them yourself. Go ahead, make them suffer. Wished that you’d kissed that girl, said yes to that guy, moved out long ago, or followed a different profession altogether? Anything’s possible when you can wind back the clock…

In a world where history might not change but memories certainly can, Our Turning Point explores how neurological nanotechnology – initially prescribed by private therapists and administered to patients suffering severe trauma – is used by those prone to addiction and disappointment, all to satiate their misery through daily doses of personalised, prescribed happiness.

The only problem is, if one did delude themselves into rewriting their past, what happens once real life comes knocking and shatters their conceptions of their ‘self’? Moreover, can accusations of wrongdoing be denied when you sincerely cannot recollect the events in question? Can someone with the right amount of influence over others accuse you of something, even if you’re perfectly innocent?


Finley (27) and Amy (49), the two sheltered protagonists of Our Turning Point

For a full story treatment and script sample, please contact me at J_Ford2017@hotmail.com


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