PERSONA 5 In Review

Due Date: Pending NG+ Completion

  • Not since the days of Final Fantasy IX on the original PlayStation has a JRPG stolen my heart with such ease.
  • Besides the peculiar absence of a bukkake minigame in the game’s red-light district, Persona 5 may very well be the ultimate JRPG fantasy as players juggle the trials and tribulations of being a Japanese school boy moonlighting as the leader of a band of cretinous vigilantes.
  • You’re never doing one thing for too long; there’s always something else you want to be doing; the world is so detailed that you fall in love with it; the plot is tackling very serious issues which are rarely given room to breathe in the interactive medium.
  • Everything’s interesting, nothing forces you to be fatigued, and the game is paced so well that each mechanic is layered in an unintrusive fashion.
  • The characters are varied, entertaining and worth investing your time to help discover more about their past. Stronger than any game in recent memory.
  • Even the inclusion of a passive multiplayer, seeing what percentage of players did what on any given day – much like the end-of-episode feedback in a Tell Tale game – points you in directions of what’s on offer (a part-time job at a flower shop) without truly spoiling the opportunities players can engage in.

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