Hi, there. I’m James, a History graduate currently working in the United Kingdom.

Although this blog has bolder intentions, ultimately it stems from an honest ambition. Having made up a massive portion of my childhood, in recent years I have found myself reading more about games than actually playing them. The philosophical challenge of theory craft, interweaving story and gameplay into a single experience, fascinates me. Indeed, it is something I wish to be involved with at some point in the future. Likewise, I often think about what the interactive medium as a whole will look like in the next twenty years and what role I will have within it.

After imagining what games can and will become, and seeing the industry diversify to an exceptional extent in the last five years, Making Games Better is my first step towards gaining entry into an industry which has genuinely affected how I approach crafting fiction of my own.

With this in mind, this blog serves as my hobby for 2017. I have always put writing on the backburner when developing my own career. Now the time has come for me to take writing seriously and develop the craft in any way I can. I want to write fiction, including more satirical and humorous pieces, but to begin with the goal is to keep within my comfort zone by writing essays. Although I have never written think pieces like the ones you will read on this site, it is important that I diversify by experimenting with this type of writing first.

Still, the goal is not simply to write about games but also publish my thoughts and have them be critiqued by others. Currently, the only work I have published is within academia, using historical facts and interdisciplinary theories to structure my argument and give it weight. When time makes itself available in between work and everyday life, this is where I will publish my more creative opinions and arguments.

The essays published here will become more succinct as time goes on and I focus my energy writing about topics I believe matter most and deserve to be written about. Practice makes perfect, so I hope to see a genuine improvement in my ability to communicate through writing in the coming months.

Thanks for visiting the blog. I hope you enjoy what you read.